Can this therapy help me?

Psychotherapy of this kind is designed to allow a safe and nurturing environment in which you can bring up your greatest fears and concerns in life without being judged and with anonymity due to the confidential nature of the counseling relationship. In addition to being heard and understood, this therapy is focused on receiving tangible relief from painful past memories, current life stressors, or pending worries. Some of the work done in sessions is challenging, but it is also rewarding, because it is possible to see your pain subside and to find freedom.



My name is Amanda Moller MSW, LCSW and I am a therapist specialized in treating clients with experiences of trauma and abuse, and symptoms of PTSD. This has been my focus and greatest field of interest since helping individuals at a rape crisis center gain support and justice when they presented to the ER after an assault. Subsequently, I have spent countless hours on a crisis helpline counseling individuals dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence situations, launched a drop-in center for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, worked for a brief time with homeless veterans, and have most recently been providing individual, as well as group counseling to survivors of childhood abuse and domestic violence. I am comfortable providing counseling to individuals with a variety of traumatic experiences.

There is no need to suffer any longer.


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